How to use the oils

How do you use the Bali Radiance Oils best?

Queen, the essential blends and chakra oils can be pure magic for your daily life.

Every oil carries a unique energy and the beautiful spirit of Bali.  


Each body works differently with the essential oils and these are some recommendations on how to use them best.
Listen to your temple - how do they speak to you? 

The essential blends and chakra oils can help to align your energy centers and enrich your life with beauty, love and awakening.
1 - 2 drops of your favorite oil can be used in an oil diffuser to spread the scent into the air. The energy expands into the whole room and your home begins to smell magical!

For a stronger effect you may drip 1-2 drops into the palms of your hands, inhale deeply and spread the energy into your aura. If your skin has already had pleasant contact with the oil, you may also apply small amounts of the oil onto your skin close to where your chakras are.

Queen, especially in ceremony spaces or meditations the frequency is expanded and uplifted by the Bali Radiance Oils. 

Enjoy the beauty of life!


Which oil can I integrate even more into my life? 

Youthful Glow is a wonderful oil to add to your skincare. Just add 1 drop of the essential blend to your face or body cream and gently nourish your skin with a self care ritual. This can elevate your inner and outer shining glow. 


If you are struggling with headaches or mental fogg it can feel supportive to touch upon your temples with the essential blends Headache Help or Mental Clarity.
Take a few deep breaths and allow your muscles and nervous system to relax. 


For a sensual bath the blend Mystical Sex is the perfect addition. With 2 drops of the oil you turn the bathwater into a sensual heaven for your skin and inner goddess. 

Queen, listen to your intuition.

Enjoy the magic! 


* The Oils are solely to be used for external application. Please note if you have any prior skin irritations and double check with the ingredients.
The oils are not to be used internally!