Ana Sophie Rose



One of Ana's secrets for firm skin all over the body is dry brushing.
This is an ancient technique that has proven its worth:
Using a so-called dry or sauna brush, both the lymphatic flow and the blood circulation in the body are stimulated, the detoxification process of the body is supported, old skin flakes are removed and the immune system is increased. 
And the most beautiful effect: the skin is stimulated to firm, smooth and tighten.

Together with 3 drops of Weight Loss Oil, which you apply to the groin, collarbones and neck before brushing, you can create a activating freshness kick in the morning that is more long-lasting, effective and healthier than coffee.

Our lots of heaven Dry Brush is made from 100% vegan sisalfaster bristles that are hard enough to perform this technique effectively.
The wood is FCS certified and comes from sustainable, responsible timber management.
The strap is made from a vegan faux leather.
The brush comes in a linen bag, so you can take it safely and securely with you on your travels.
So not only the sustainable manufacturing method is convincing, but also the look:
an exceptionally beautiful black color with the stylish iconic lettering that elevates your selfcare morning ritual and reminds you:

lots of heaven.

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